Environmental Law Boot Camp®

When I think of ELI education, I think of its flagship program, the Environmental Law Boot Camp. Year after year, ELI attracts some of the very best teachers of environmental law to the program. It’s a testament to ELI’s strength that it has sustained that program for 25 years.
—Patrick Traylor, Partner, Hogan Lovells US LLP


What is Boot Camp?Boot Camp

Since 1990, ELI has educated new and seasoned environmental professionals on the substance and practice of environmental law in this highly rated signature program. Our top-class faculty members are respected practitioners who bring environmental law, practice, and emerging issues to life through concrete examples, cases, and practice concerns in this three-day intensive course for ELI members.


Why Attend ELI’s Boot Camp?


No other course offers as much insight into the actual practice of environmental law.


Boot Camp is a great deal: designed to offer about 20 hours of CLE credit in select states for $1,200 or less, with special discounts provided to government, academic, and public interest employees.

Basics Plus Challenge

While Boot Camp will give an overview of key statutes, our participants are increasingly sophisticated and seek challenge. Faculty are increasingly building in challenge and exploring new perspectives, offering stimulation for all levels.


Boot Camp is increasingly practice focused and interactive, drawing on new teaching methods and integrating cases, deals, permit issues, and practice concerns.


While designed for attorneys, the course is highly useful for environmental professionals such as environmental managers, policy and advocacy experts, paralegals, and technicians seeking deeper knowledge of environmental law.


Connect with faculty and participants from diverse sectors such as law firms, businesses, government, associations, academia, and non-profit organizations.


Who Should Attend?

The course is designed for practicing attorneys. The ideal participant is someone who wants a deeper understanding of how environmental law works in practice. New and seasoned lawyers (including environmental lawyers), consultants, technicians, government and corporate managers, paralegals, nonprofit and advocacy professionals, clients of environmental law practitioners, academics, and professionals of all stripes have benefited from Boot Camp.

How Do I Become Eligible for Boot Camp? And What Does It Cost?

  • Participants must be ELI members or become members to register. Please refer to the Eastern Boot Camp or Western Boot Camp registration forms for details.
  • Participants should have a basic knowledge of environmental law, which can be obtained by attending or viewing ELI’s Summer School Series. These free seminars occur each summer and are posted online.
  • Currently fees range from $0 to $1,200, depending on your type/level of ELI membership and professional affiliation.

What Level of Education Does Boot Camp Provide?

Boot Camp is an intensive, intermediate course in the practice and application of environmental law. Faculty will touch on the basics, use concrete examples, and provide some challenge to advanced practitioners.

When and Where is Boot Camp? And How Do I Register?

To promote accessibility and to address regional interests, Boot Camp takes place twice a year in two locations. Upcoming Boot Camps include:

Follow the above links to learn more and register.

What Do Participants Say About Boot Camp?

“Boot Camp . . . has provided real training strengths for our younger lawyers who come out of law school with a lot of hopes and aspirations, but need to know the nitty-gritty of environmental law.”

“Boot Camp is . . . a crash course on how to be an environmental lawyer. I highly recommend it to anybody who is trying to train young environmental lawyers who have the kind of enthusiasm you want but still need to learn how to be involved in environmental matters in a very specific way.”

“Good span of covering the major statutes and legal issues today.”

“Simply excellent.”

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What meals are included? When in-person availability is possible, breakfast, beverages, snacks, and an opening reception are included. Participants are on their own for lunch and dinner.
  • Are discounts available for hotel accommodations? When in-person availability is possible, ELI provides a list of nearby accommodations; for anyone seeking accommodation on a budget, we will assist you in locating a hotel that meets your needs.
  • Is the course material available online? Course materials are available online for about one year on a password protected site.
  • Can I attend remotely? Boot Camp was originally designed as an in-person only event to facilitate participation and support completion of CLE requirements, if sought. However, we are currently offering Boot Camp as a hybrid (either in-person or virtual) event.


Please click the links below to learn more:

Eastern Boot Camp

Western Boot Camp