Eastern Boot Camp on Environmental Law® CLE Policy

About CLE

Continuing legal education (also known as mandatory or minimum continuing legal education) is professional education for attorneys that is often required after their admission into a state bar. This webpage only applies to active attorneys who are attending Boot Camp (if you are not an attorney, you do not need to worry about CLE).

Hours of Instruction for 2023 Eastern Boot Camp Course

ELI CLE Policy (Please Read, As This Has Been Recently Revised)

While Boot Camp is designed as an opportunity for attorneys to participate in about twenty hours of continuing legal education, ELI makes no guarantee that the course will be accredited for CLE in any particular state. Due to ELI’s staffing and current capacity, we are limiting the states in which we will apply for CLE accreditation for 2023’s Eastern Boot Camp. We will only be applying for CLE accreditation for the program in the states of Ohio, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, and Virginia. Additionally, we are an accredited CLE provider in Vermont and Pennsylvania, so the course is automatically approved for CLE credit in those two states. ELI will not be applying for CLE accreditation in any other states for the 32nd Annual Eastern Boot Camp on Environmental Law.

Many states offer reciprocity with the states in which we are pre-approved or in which we are seeking CLE approval. Please check to see if your state offers CLE reciprocity with Vermont or Pennsylvania. If your state offers CLE reciprocity, you may be able to automatically receive CLE credit without filling out an application. Additionally, several states do not require CLE at all. Please also check to make sure your state requires you to take continuing legal education courses to maintain your bar membership.

  • According to ELI’s research, members of the Alaska, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, and Wisconsin Bars may be able to claim CLE credit for attendance, as the course has been accredited by another mandatory CLE jurisdiction.*
  • According to ELI’s research, the District of Columbia, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, and South Dakota Bars currently do not have mandatory continuing legal education requirements.*

*Please double check on your own to see if your state requires CLE or offers CLE reciprocity. State CLE policies change frequently, and ELI cannot guarantee that a state has not changed its policy since we conducted our research.

If your state requires CLE, we did not apply for CLE accreditation in your state, and your state does not offer CLE reciprocity with Vermont or Pennsylvania, you will need to apply individually with your state bar to receive CLE credit for this course. The applications are typically short and require a minimal fee. Please check before you register for Boot Camp to ensure that you will be able to submit an individual attorney application in your state and that you understand the application process and deadlines.

  • By the first day of Eastern Boot Camp, ELI will provide you with a timed agenda, faculty biographies, a course description, written materials, and a course evaluation. These are usually the only materials you will need (along with your Certificate of Attendance) to apply for individual CLE credit.

ELI will have a representative at the course to assist you with questions about your state CLE forms and to offer the required information about the course. Participants should fill out the question pertaining to CLE on the course registration form (note: this will not change the states in which we are applying for CLE credit, but it will help ELI staff better be able to answer your questions and send you required materials if we know the states in which you are seeking credit).

Certificates of Attendance

All participants of Boot Camp seeking CLE credit will need to sign in and out of the course each day with an ELI representative. They will be provided with a uniform Certificate of Attendance upon signing out on the last day of the course if they attended all day each day. These certificates can be used to verify attendance and, in many cases, to apply for CLE credit individually in states.**

**Note: Some states require supplemental Certificates of Attendance, even if the course is not pre-approved for CLE in that state. In your registration form, please note in which states you are seeking CLE, even if you are including a state in which ELI has not applied for pre-approval, so that we can send you the correct documentation for you to seek CLE credit on your own.

Custom Attendance
If you are unable to attend all of Eastern Boot Camp, we can provide you with a customized uniform Certificate of Attendance that reflects the times you actually attended Eastern Boot Camp (you will only be eligible for CLE credit for the times you actually attended the event in person). Participants will verify their attendance each day when they sign in and out. If you need a custom Certificate of Attendance, you will receive this via email within approximately ten business days of the last day of Boot Camp.


For all CLE-related questions, please contact us at CLE@eli.org.

CLE Pre-Approval Statuses


  • North Carolina: Approved for 22 hours of total CLE credit (including 1.5 hours of professional responsibility/ethics credit)
  • Pennsylvania: Approved for 22 hours of total CLE credit (including 1.5 hours of ethics credit)
  • South Carolina: Approved for 20.17 hours of general credit and 1.5 hours of ethics credit 
  • Texas: Approved for 22 hours of total CLE credit (including 1.5 hours of ethics credit)
  • Vermont: Approved for 22 hours of total CLE credit (including 1.5 hours of ethics credit)

Pending States***

  • Ohio: ELI's application is pending for CLE credit (we have applied for 22 hours of CLE credit in Ohio, including 1.5 hours of ethics credit)
  • Virginia: ELI's application is pending for CLE credit (we have applied for 22 hours of CLE credit in Virginia, including 1.5 hours of ethics credit)

This page was last updated on October 05, 2023. Please check back to this page for the latest updates as our CLE applications are reviewed.

***Please note: ELI cannot guarantee when any application for CLE accreditation will be reviewed by a state. Some states can take longer than 90 days to review an application, so please be aware that a state may not review our CLE application before your CLE reporting deadline.