Principal Trends on Brazilian Environmental Law

Principal Trends on Brazilian Environmental Law Cover
Marcelo F. Dias, Editor
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With its massive size, rich biodiversity, and unique location, Brazil plays an essential role when it comes to the health of our planet. Understanding how Brazil’s environmental laws, policies, and systems operate is therefore paramount.

With contributions from some of the most accomplished environmental lawyers of Brazil, Principal Trends on Brazilian Environmental Law is an indispensable resource for attorneys, investors, multilateral companies, nonprofits, academia, and students interested in understanding how Brazil’s environmental governance system works. Readers will learn the intricacies of Brazilian environmental governance, including laws and policies focused on water, climate, solid waste, forests, and biofuels, and gain a keen understanding of the administrative and regulatory challenges associated with the management of these resources. Throughout, the authors identify and discuss pressing Brazilian environmental issues and suggest workable solutions for many of the challenging ecological problems faced by the country, and the world, today.

Available softbound and as an e-book.

About the Author

Marcelo Feitosa de Paula Dias is a Brazilian Environmental Attorney specializing in environmental law, sustainable development, and land conservation and policy. He received his Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Environmental Law from Vermont Law School and is a Ph.D. candidate at the Queensland University of Technology in Australia. Marcelo has taught environmental law for many years at the Brazilian Bar Association. His work currently focuses on the intersection of international law, climate change, global policy, ESG, fair use of technology, carbon markets, and forestry law. He has built solid experience across public, private, and international sectors throughout his career. He has served in many capacities in national and subnational environmental public and private organizations.