How We Work

In all of our projects, ELI works with local, in-country, and regional partners. These include NGOs, governments, universities, judges, private sector, and other local institutions; we also partner with international organizations. Over the years, ELI has hosted numerous Visiting Scholars from around the world. ELI’s projects and partners are in Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East and North Africa.

We measure our success not only in the collaborative research and publications produced but also in the contribution we can make to building the expertise of local leaders. With our partners, ELI strengthens environmental governance by improving public participation, innovative and effective institutional arrangements, and approaches that lead to better compliance and enforcement, including adaptive management.

As with ELI’s domestic work, our International Programs produce cutting-edge, reliable, and objective research and publications. These publications — and their underlying research and analyses — provide the foundation for targeted capacity building and legal and technical assistance, for example in drafting laws, establishing institutional frameworks, and building capacity.